Why Psychotherapy?

Most of our problems stem from not being able to hear, or at least speak from, the True Voices in ourselves.  Perhaps because of clear, identifiable reasons, or for things we don’t even remember.

We are born good, and are geared toward doing what’s best for ourselves and others.  But then we encounter obstacles, usually ones we can’t see ourselves, that weaken our best impulses.  This happens to all of us.  We sense that we’re missing out on something in our lives, or that we’re acting in a way that doesn’t serve us well.

My job is to help to find those obstacles, and help empower my Clients to work through them, and to find the real voice that has been hidden. 

Maybe your child is misbehaving at school, after always having shown perfect behavior before this year. 

Maybe your teenager is sullen and distanced, and you’re worried about where that might lead.

Maybe you’re in love, and know you’d like to stay with this person, if you could only change a few things that really scare you. 

Maybe there’s an aggressive part of you that your parents didn’t know how to handle, or a hurt and vulnerable side that you’ve always felt too ashamed to feel.

Life can only get better when we feel and hear these parts of ourselves.  And this is easiest in a safe, non-threatening, creative, encouraging environment.

My office is such an environment.  Click here to contact me and schedule a free telephone consultation.

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