When you're choosing a therapist, maybe the most important quality to look at is who they are.  A few good questions to ask yourself are:

- What's their personality like?

- Do you think you'd get along with them?

- Do you feel like they'd understand you?

- Would you enjoy spending time with them?

- And would you trust them?

One great way to get a sense of these qualities is to see the therapist in action.  While nothing works as well for that as meeting face-to-face, I have a couple of videos of myself, that might help you get a sense of me and how I work:


Therapick is an online video directory of psychotherapists.  I often recommend it to people who are seeking therapy, since they'll learn a lot about the practitioners' different personalities.  Here is a link to mine:


Kids in the House is a great website where parents can go to look for advice on all things parental.  Over 450 experts in their fields have over 8000 short videos, answering all sorts of questions.  I was proud to be asked to contribute, and have a number of entries:


In the spring of 2012, I was privileged to be hired for a filmed therapy session with music superstar Jenni Rivera and her son Johnny, on the reality show "I Love Jenni."  The program has allowed me to post this delightful session here.

While I am including it as a fun way of showing how I work with kids and families, it is, of course, impossible to watch this now without being reminded of Rivera's tragic sudden passing a few months after this meeting, and the charm and energy with which she lived.

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