The Building Social Confidence Group


An InterACTIVE Group 


In West Los Angeles  

- Do you feel you can't sell yourself at a job interview?


- Are you nervous, or really terrified, to go to a party and meet new people?  Or even a party where you know everyone?


- Do you worry about how you appear to others?


- Do you need to learn how to take the risks you want? Are you unsure of what risks you truly want to take?


- And Would You Like to Move On From This?!


This group works through active, creative means, to give members tools to move past the blocks that keep them from going after what they want, in work, love, and life, with Social Confidence.

After all...

You spent all those years not being allowed to talk to strangers.  Now that you can, wouldn't it be fun to start?

© Douglas Green 2014