Professional Colleague: Jessica LaRocca, MFT

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My work as a therapist is to improve lives by energizing and empowering children, teenagers, and adults to learn to love themselves and be the best they can be. I am dedicated to finding dynamic and creative ways to bring about inner healing while establishing a unique and genuine relationship with each client.

My journey as a therapist has taken me from the beachside cliffs of Malibu to the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, the tree-lined suburbs of Orange County, and the Special Education classrooms of Compton. I have extensive experience working with various mental health issues across a wide range of age groups, ethnic backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities. I place an enormous value on diversity and I incorporate cultural relevance into all of my work. I am able to provide psychotherapy in Spanish and Italian and I am conversational in French as well.

I have training and experience treating sexual issues and sexuality concerns, children and teens, trauma and post-traumatic stress, eating disorders, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, behavior problems, family dysfunction, special needs families, relationship concerns, and low self-esteem. Here is a closer look at some of my specialties and areas of interest:


Sexuality and Relationships

         As a college student, I taught sex education workshops for teens.  There I discovered that, while people love talking about sex and romance, it’s often very difficult and awkward to begin those discussions. I work with both individuals and couples to create a safe place to talk openly and honestly about sexual and relational needs, patterns, histories, traumas, and questions. Maybe you have an amazing relationship, but your sexual connection is weak. Or, maybe you connect sexually but you are constantly arguing. Maybe you are questioning your sexuality or trying to heal from the pain of sexual abuse. My training with the LGBT community, AIDS patients, sexual addiction, and sexual trauma has taught me the importance and impact of sexuality in our lives. My goal is to help my clients create healthy, intimate, and satisfying sexual relationships with confidence and without shame.


Children and Teenagers

         I started studying Psychology as a high-schooler, and I was amazed at how much even just studying it was able to help me improve my life. I know that growing up can be very hard, and I also know that having a positive mentor along for the journey can be extremely beneficial. I use my playful energy to find creative ways for kids and teens to express themselves, deal with tough times, build self-confidence, and make healthy decisions for a brighter future.


Eating Disorders

         Anorexia and Bulimia are two very complicated disorders that stem from deep-rooted issues and traumas. They are also among the deadliest and most physically damaging mental health problems a person can have. This is particularly concerning, since people who suffer with eating disorders often do so in secret and isolation. My goal is to help my clients fight the depression and anxiety that led to their eating disorder, reclaim a healthy relationship with food and their bodies, and develop a healthy body image and sense of self-esteem.

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Substance Abuse

         I have seen addiction tear apart lives, families, and careers, but I have also seen countless people recover and turn their lives around with effective psychotherapy and the love and support of recovery groups. I help my clients discover the roots of their substance abuse and how to replace drugs and alcohol with healthy coping strategies and new social circles and activities to enrich their lives.


Social Anxiety

         There is very little a person can’t achieve in this life with a healthy dose of confidence and a positive self-image. I help my clients combat the negative voices and fears inside of them using role-plays, simulated social situations, visualization, and guided meditation. I help my clients highlight and embrace their strengths, while avoiding the intimidation of their weaknesses, so they can go confidently out into the world to discover the job, partner, and life they desire and deserve.

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