Drama Therapy 

I have been trained in a particular technique called Drama Therapy.

Though the name may sound frightening, Drama Therapy simply means the use of active, creative techniques for psychotherapeutic purposes.  I prefer to call it Creative Action Therapy.

This can mean any number of processes – from role-playing to acting out issues in one’s life, from making masks to telling stories using puppets, as well as art, music, play, and creative writing. 

I have found this extremely useful, both for children and adults, simply because we’re all too good at talking.  We talk on the phone about what’s wrong in our lives while we’re texting or emailing at the same time – and nothing gets accomplished.  But when one puts their issues into Creative Action, change occurs instantaneously.  Clients have realizations, work through seemingly impossible obstacles, and can actually have fun in doing it, while feeling safe and encouraged by the presence of a qualified trained Therapist.

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