The job of children and teens is to care for themselves and grow appropriately.  The job of Adults is to care for everything else in the entire world – including those kids and teens!

In these crazy fast-moving times, it’s impossible to go through adulthood without stress, anxiety, or worse.  And while we’re expected, as Adults, to be able to handle all the problems that come at us, we can’t do it without help.

I am experienced in working with many of the most common issues plaguing adults – from neuroses to substance abuse – but more importantly I’m an expert in helping people find the lost parts of themselves that they need, in order to move on with their lives. 

Everyone has voices that they’ve spent their life hiding from others, or even from themselves.  Then when certain conflicts come into their lives, they find themselves suddenly unable to confront them as well as they should.   I have many techniques, from traditional talk therapy to more elaborate and creative processes, to help Clients discover, hear, and engage with those lost true voices.  And to then work to encourage the Clients to use them to their best purposes in their lives.


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